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August 5, 2017

Luxury Villa for Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a stunning land of pristine beaches, rainforests, volcanoes ( for Family Vacation)and is situated at the heart of Central America. It is a great place for the adventure seekers. Town’s boundary touches both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The aquatic ecosystem and the beautiful black and white sand beaches provide a perfect relaxation time to the travelers. Costa Rica has to offer a lot to the adventure loving tourists and one can choose from a variety of sporting activities such as kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, surfing and sport fishing. The panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean from the lofty peaks of Cerro Chirripo will leave you spellbound. Relaxing by the beaches with the turquoise seas and a string of restaurants is an experience of a lifetime.

Luxury Villas – Beach Resort in Costa Rica

This private paradise calls for a luxury villa to stay in and Villa Marrakech is one such beach resort. It is designed by the highly acclaimed Abraham Valenzuela and is a 10,000 sq feet seaside estate that is inspired by the magnificent palaces of Morocco. It boasts of Italian marble floors, beautiful ceilings, and hand-crafted railings. The estate has a polished and relaxed vibe as you step in through archways.

The opulent and aristocratic touch of Villa Marrakech is what every tourist desires when on a vacation. The charming and artistic view of the ocean with the breathtaking sunsets is bound to leave everyone spellbound at Villa Marrakech. This exalted Villa facing the beach is situated at the private Playa Langosta, which presents to the travelers a spectacular view of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The surf breaks of Tamarindo are very close to Playa Langosta with a host of ocean sports, fishing and elegant dining restaurants.

The villa consists of a grand suite, 5 bedrooms, master suites, a Studio apartment, a Guest House, in-suite bathrooms, workout area, lavish kitchens, a private beach, infinity pool and a full time staff facility ensuring a good stay and easy transportation. The comfort of the guests is the priority at Villa Marrakech. If you want to stay in the Villa and do not like much traveling, then opting for a yoga session can be relaxing. The villa has skilled yoga instructors. A massage on the terrace or walks on the beach are equally refreshing. The shimmering infinity pool gives a beautiful panoramic view.

Villa Marrakech is situated on a quiet secluded corridor and ensures a serene family vacation. The air is so pure here that it soothes the senses and provides a happy living. The villa hosts wedding events or special occasions like birthday parties and anniversaries. Couples planning to spend some time alone or hoping for an escape from the busy life must visit this villa in Costa Rica. The elegance and relaxed environment of the villa will make for an amazing family vacation and the beauty of town will leave you overwhelmed. The staff is very friendly, dedicated, and always ready to serve you. They will make sure your stay here is as pleasant as possible.

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